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KUPRA/KUPRA KUPS Update - July18, 2021


On body

  • New neck, hands and feet internal ring to have a perfect seam. It reduces the seam issue with Genus heads.
  • Changed neck mesh and UV map to fix the skin creators' issues about matching head with body. The new neck is 100% aligned to Lelutka and Catwa Uv Maps.
  • Fixed Uv Map in feet, now the skin will match perfectly. We will add an OLD body version in the pack in case customers deleted it and their skin is not updated.
  • In Kupra Kups in Flat chest mode, the .png texture (which generated alpha glitches) has been replaced with a .jpg texture. 

In Configurator:

  • Added a button in the Configurator HUD to delete body scripts. It will lower the script count. Don't forget to make a copy before deleting scripts.
  • New animated bento hands AO (by Onylab - Oni UwU) included in Configurator with 10 bento animations.
  • New ankle lock animation with priority 6 to fix the current issue.
  • Added environment shine settings.

More things to know:
Customers asked for a system that automatically applies custom materials in Kupra when they change an outfit. It has been included in Kupra from the start. 
In the Configurator HUD, in Miscellaneous, there is a recording feature. This saves an item called "recorder disk" in the inventory that records all Configurator settings such as shine, material, nipples, nails, feet, etc. 
When you wear your "recorder disk" with an outfit, the body is automatically updated with the configuration saved in the item.

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