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All our bodies have a new advanced control and customization system, to make the most of your creativity. We have also made new types of pores for the skin to make your new body even more realistic.


A new type of HUD for body control.

Advance system for shine control

(Material, RGB light material, Shine level, Customization)
Choice of breasts and nipples

Choice of the nipples skin
Feet and hands control

Choice of nails and nail polish color
Foot position control

Saving data
and much more..


All our bodies have the official SL UVs and are 100% Bake On Mesh compatible (BOM) and you can use all the BOM skins of your favorite designers.

The BOM body offers you the possibility to customize your body with 62 additional layers for tattoos and skin effects, such as scars or moles, and thanks to the BOM alpha system body parts can be more precisely hidden.

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Rules on the use of the group:


No unauthorized advertising.
No Spam.
NO to rudeness.
No drama.

Respect for users and moderators of the group.


Rules for group advertising:

Have requested authorization to send advertising.
Limit of one alert per week per shop.
Group notices should only relate to products made for Inithium bodies.
Each notice must contain information about the product (s), a photo or a landmark to the store.

Creators of clothes and accessories that do not comply with the group rules of use will be removed.

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